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Mannawords Welcome

Mannawords is a website dedicated to the publication of notes for messages, sermons and discussions delivered in churches, home groups and other Christian meetings. Such notes sometimes lie hidden for years afterwards in the records of those who prepared them and the Mannawords website provides a platform on which such notes can be published. It is our wish that visitors make good use of the resource created.

Mannawords also enables you to put questions to the wider Christian community and submit views. Photographs from various sources can also be browsed simply to bring pleasure to those who care to view them.

Mannawords welcome
Mannawords Library
Mannawords Library
Here you will find the message, sermon and discussion notes. Some are written in longhand and read like books while others are in the form of shorter notes. There is searchable Biblical teaching of all kinds here and it is hoped that you will find the notes to be a valuable resource.
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Mannawords Community
The world-wide Christian community embraces a vast store of knowledge and experience from which you can draw or to which you can contribute under this Community heading. Here you can send in questions or join in discussions on issues facing Christians in today’s world.
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