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Here you will find the message, sermon and discussion notes. Some are written in longhand and read like books while others are in the form of shorter notes. There is searchable Biblical teaching of all kinds here and it is hoped that you will find the notes to be a valuable resource.

Speakers frequently use resources such as books, conference notes, Bible software, videos, tapes and other reference materials and include acknowledgments where appropriate. However, where material is included from memory, the source of it is sometimes forgotten.

Mannawords hopes that the notes in this room will be helpful to those who are seeking reference material when preparing Bible-based messages for use in churches, home groups and when sharing the Good News of the Lord Jesus. The authors of the notes have given permission for their notes to be copied for that purpose. Where any of the notes include quotes from other resources, it is hoped that authors of such quotes will have no objection to them being published here for the use described above.

Should a person want to publish for sale any of the notes on this website or extracts from them in a book or other format, the person wishing to do so should first request permission by contacting us

The search facility on the website enables you to search the Library database using keywords. Search using the word “tongues” and you will be directed to message notes relating, for example, to Acts chapter 2. Once a message has been retrieved, it can be fully searched using the search facility of Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

SERMON OPENERS Here are some stories to open sermons messages and talks
THE HOLY SPIRIT Here are messages on the lovely Third Person of the Trinity
BOOKS OF THE BIBLE These messages are based on chapters of individual Bible books
PARABLES Messages on the parables of Jesus
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