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Healing Prayer

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We attended a conference in 2008 where those who were running it referred to a four-line prayer which they had used in places like checkout queues, restaurants and other places where they had come across persons who were suffering from ailments. On sensing that a person was in some kind of pain, the conversation went something like this. "Are you suffering pain in your body?" If the person answered "Yes" the conversation continued:- 2Would you like to be healed of that?" If the person said 'Yes' the conversation then went something like this: "Alright, we like to pray with people for healing so pray this four line prayer after me." 1 This healing belongs to me. (The person then repeats it) 2 Because of what Jesus has done. (The person then repeats it) 3 I receive my healing now. (The person then repeats it) 4 In the Name of Jesus. Amen. (The person then repeats it) The person is then asked "How is the pain now?" We have used that prayer a number of times when doing on-street outreach and with Christians too and find that most people are prepared to pray the prayer. We have been encouraged and will continue to use it. Those running the conference had used the prayer with non-Christians many times and reported healings which had taken place. They then continued the conversation by saying something like "The healing was God working on the outside. How would you like the Lord to work on the inside?" When the person said they would like that, it was possible to lead the person to receive salvation in Christ. Although we have used to prayer a number of times we have yet to reach the point where we have been able to lead the person to the Lord there and then. However, while we continue to pray, there is the possibility for that to arise. Thought it was worth sharing that.

Posted by : Mike and Jean on 27-10-2014
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