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Choosing a New Church

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I came across nine questions which a Christian should ask before seeking and joining a new church or Christian group. I believe the questions were formulated by the late Derek Prince and they are listed here:- 1. Do they honour and up lift the Lord Jesus Christ? 2. Do they respect the authority of Scripture? 3. Do they make room for the moving of the Holy Spirit? 4. Do they exhibit a warm and friendly attitude? 5. Do they seek to work out their faith in practical, day-to-day living? 6. Do they build interpersonal relationships among themselves that go beyond merely attending services? 7. Do they provide pastoral care that embraces all your legitimate needs? 8. Are they open to fellowship with other Christian groups? 9. Do you feel at ease and at home among them? Of course, to pray and seek God for guidance is of overriding importance but questions such as those set out above are well worth bearing in mind.

Posted by : Mike on 05-03-2010
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